Creepy Pasta

So…I’ve been looking at this “Creepy Pasta Index” for a while. It’s a collection of “creepy” stories from the Internet? Often times, I find myself reading the comments, because they can get pretty amusing. It’s probably pretty awful of me to sit here and laugh at what these people have to say, but hey, it’s what I do.

Now I must admit, there are actually some pretty good stories on there. For example: Candle Cove, Airlock, End of the Line (predictable, but interesting nonetheless), and The Strangers.

The one I’m talking about tonight isn’t really that great, nor is it the worst thing I’ve read on there. It’s a bit . . . silly, shall we say? There’s a lot that doesn’t make any sense at all. It’s called Perfectown. If you have any interest in reading it, and you don’t want the ending spoiled, I suggest you stop reading this post and go check out the story. Those of you that are still with me, here we go.

This story is about a guy who finds an entrance to this “Utopia” in his attic. He moves there, lives there happily for a while, then ends up with these urges to kill people and do awful things. In the library in this town he finds out that every 40 years they take someone from our world and let them fill up with all the evil from theirs so that they can keep living in perfect harmony. The story purports to be a diary entry by Jeffrey Dahmer.

The bit I like is this comment by Kate: “I (as the rest of the reviewers). found this story…. well… bad… it had (sorry if im using the wrong word) “idiosyncrasies” or stupid mistakes… but me being the person that loves to research like i am, i researched the person and the journal that this was allegedly taken from. the link above is the Wikipedia of the man who allegedly wrote this journal… it says he was a cereal killer… now cereal killers have (obviously) severe mental issues… ”

Now, as we all know, cereal killers have “severe mental issues”. I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop giggling. I just can’t help picturing Jeffrey Dahmer attacking his Cheerios with his spoon. Maybe that makes me an awful person, but I just had to share.

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