Game Day

It’s Game Day here on Reap the Geek and I will be giving you an overview of some of my recent favorite gaming subjects.
First up: Doctor Who Monopoly. It’s for the 50th Anniversary, and it looks pretty awesome. I want.

Next up: Terraria.
Our Underground Home

My boyfriend and I have been playing this a lot lately. We just beat the Wall of Flesh and got to Hard Mode. Yay! Unfortunately, I was too busy trying not to get caught on all the little buildings to take any screenshots of the fight. Suffice it to say, a Star Cannon and a Phoenix Blaster take him down pretty quick.

In other news, I’ve got a thing for goldfish.

Not in a creepy way. I just think they’re cute. Also, not in a creepy way. Stop looking at me like that.



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2 responses to “Game Day

  1. Doctor Who Monopoly = super cool! Goldfish = super cool also!

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